What is The Institute?

The Institute is a two-year training program for men that will teach a total of eight courses in four key areas:  Bible Knowledge, Ministry, Godly Character, and Theology.


Who is it for?

Any man who is interested in committing two years to a season of learning, ministry experience, and high accountability.  The Institute is open to men from other churches.



1.    Here is a revised, detailed overview of the two-year program. 

       Click here to download

  • You will have 4 classes each year, for two years

  • Each year, 3 of the classes are a combination of online viewing and weekly in-person class sessions at church. 

  • Each year, 1 of the classes is NOT an online class

2. The cost is $350 per year and covers all expenses (online lectures, all books, all handouts, etc)

3. The Institute is open to men of any church

4. To register, you need to print out the attached Registration Form and turn it into the church office along with a deposit of $200.

5. Normal weekly time requirement would be: 1 hour for online lecture, 1 hour for an at-church class session, 30-45 minute of reading


How do I sign up?

Turn in the Commitment Registration (available in the church office or at the Ministry Connection) along with your $200 deposit by May 1, 2021 ($150 remaining payment for Year One is due August 1, 2021)

Click here to download the registration form

For further information, contact Pastor Michael at

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