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May Update: What we know and what we don't know

What We Know and What We Don’t Know

We desire to communicate with you as effectively as possible. We know that all in our church want to know information regarding our church schedule. Further, our church has many summer programs and activities that are highlights for many of our members. While we wish we could immediately answer every question and provide all the information about upcoming events, there are too many things we do not know at this point to be able to do so. We do, however, want to pass along as much information as we can. After reading this update, if you have any questions at all, please contact our church office and let us know how we can help.

Sunday Morning Worship

What We Know

Governor Stitt has released information this week regarding various industries beginning to open up again. Guidelines have been put forth for churches in considering when they should re-open on Sunday mornings. The decision of when to begin meeting again will be different for each church. Church demographics, congregation size, and seating capacity are just some of the variables that each congregation must consider. We are currently in the process of reviewing the guidelines as well as consulting with various churches, and those in the medical profession. We do know that whenever we begin meeting again, it will be with social distancing measures in place. Further, we know we will not be able to provide preschool classes (birth through Pre-K) for a while during worship services.

What We Don’t Know

While we are more than eager to begin meeting again, we do not yet know when it will be wise for us to do so. We understand opinions among our members will be different. Some members undoubtedly would like for us to open as early as May 3, while others will likely not feel we should do so until June (or later). In the end, we want to seek the wisest council possible, trust the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and make decisions that are in the best interest of our congregation.

Sunday School

What We Know

Our youth and adult ministries have continued to meet online, and we have been extremely pleased with the participation. While nothing is as good as face to face interaction, we have seen a tremendous number of people engaging in our online Bible studies. We do know that when we begin meeting on campus again, we will not be able to have Sunday School for awhile. This reality will be a significant factor in determining what our church schedule will be. We do anticipate continuing our Sunday School classes meeting through Zoom, although it will likely not be able to happen on Sunday mornings.

What We Don’t Know

We are not sure when we will be able to have Sunday School classes meet on campus again. The nature of Sunday School is small groups in close proximity, which makes it a particular challenge in this time of social distancing. Further, we have a number of teachers who fall into the higher “at risk” category which is a factor we must take into account.

Wednesday Evening Ministries

What We Know

Once we begin meeting on campus, social distancing measures will need to continue. Our Wednesday Evening Ministries (Youth Elevate, AWANA, Adult Choir practice, Adult Bible Study) generally include people being close together in smaller spaces, which makes these activities much more challenging to conduct. We also know that these ministries annually come to an end in May, and then we begin our summer schedule in June.

What We Don’t Know

We are not sure at this time when we will be able to meet on Wednesday evenings. We are still in the process of looking into what is feasible.

Super Summer

What We Know

Super Summer is a leadership camp for teenagers held on the campus of OBU. It was announced Wednesday, April 21, that camp for this summer has for sure been canceled.

Crosstimbers Children’s Camp

What We Know

Crosstimbers has camp in June and July. It has been announced that all camp sessions in June, which is when our church was to go, have been canceled. If they are able to have camp in July, and we feel it is safe to participate, we will do our best to make arrangements to be a part of a session in July. We anticipate a decision being made for July camp sessions by May 18.

What We Don’t Know

If camp is able to take place in July, we do not yet know what the dates would be for our church to participate. As soon as we know, we will communicate with those who have already signed up to go.

Falls Creek Youth Camp

What We Know

Falls Creek has camp in June and July. It has been announced that all camp sessions in June, which is when our church was to go, have been canceled. Falls Creek is putting together an alternative schedule for July that would allow all groups to participate. The adjusted schedule would assign churches to a shortened week. Camp will be Sunday evening through Wednesday morning, and Wednesday evening through Saturday morning. We anticipate a decision being made for July camp sessions by May 18. We will be working with Falls Creek andthe cabin owners if a camp is, in fact, able to meet, and if our church feels it is safe for us to participate.

What We Don’t Know

We do not yet know for sure what our dates will be in the event we are able to go to Falls Creek. We also do not yet know what the cost would be. We are currently working on these details.


What we Know

Our VBS was scheduled for June. As with everything else already mentioned, we will not be doing VBS on the original date we had planned. We are looking into the possibility of having VBS later in the summer, as well as possible alternatives.

What We Don’t Know

We do not yet know when we would do VBS if it is to take place this summer. We are currently looking at several options and will communicate details as soon as a decision is reached.

Graduate Recognition Day

What We Know

We planned to recognize our graduates on Sunday, May 10. We are currently looking into a new date that will allow us to recognize our graduates at this milestone time of life. The date will depend on when we begin meeting again as a church, but we do plan to honor these students.

The Institute

What We Know

Our plan was to have our first graduating class recognition on April 19. We were then scheduled to have our interest meeting for prospective students the same day. Obviously, neither were able to happen. We will be rescheduling our graduation banquet and recognition, and it will likely take place in June. We anticipate having registration for new students in June as well with classes starting in July.

What We Don’t Know

We do not know the exact dates of the classes for our next round. Due to all that has happened, we will also need to slightly adjust our dates for our next few classes. We will not be able to have those nailed down until we know for sure when we can start meeting again.

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