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3.14.20 Update

Dear FBC Family,

You are undoubtedly getting weary of all the “Coronavirus Updates” that are everywhere. At the risk of frustrating you with one more, I do want do my best to communicate with you and help keep you fully informed.

A Word about Sunday, March 15

We will be having our regular schedule of Sunday School/Worship at 9 & 10:30, as well as our

Evening Service at 5 pm. We do not know what the next few Sundays will look like so we are going to enjoy being together tomorrow. Gathering for worship is a joy that is easy to take for granted; my prayer is that tomorrow — for whoever is able to make it — will worship with joy and gratitude. We will be taking the following precautions:

● Please do not shake hands (we’ve asked our greeters to refrain from initiating

hand-shaking). We will not have our regular greeting time (and Yes! I know for some of

you this is the best thing to come from this whole thing!)

● We will not pass the offering plate (ushers will be at the entrances where you can drop off

your offering)

● We will temporarily discontinue our donuts and coffee (I know! That’s the WORST!)

● We encourage you to sit with your family in the Worship Service but look to provide space

between families


your dedication. If you are not comfortable getting out, it is OK!

● And certainly if you feel ill, have recently been sick, or have health conditions that officials

are telling us are at greater risk, please stay home.

A Word about Ministry

While we do not know what church gatherings will look like going forward, we do know that our commitment to minister to our church family will not change. We will be communicating in the days ahead helpful suggestions and information about how we can continue to do the Lord’s work during this season of change and how we can continue to serve each other and our community.

A Word about Communication


● Please make sure you are on our church’s texting service. If you are not, right now text

“fbcmustang” to 95577 so you can receive updates as needed.

● Check your email often

● Check our church’s brand new website often by clicking here . It has been completely

revamped and updated, and has gone live today.

A Word about Live-streaming

Tomorrow and each week, regardless of what happens around us, we will be live-streaming our morning service (whatever it may look like). You can watch it on our webpage here , or by going to our church Facebook page here . You can also join the live-stream on Roku and Amazon TV. If you do not join us live, PLEASE DO CONTINUE TO JOIN US ONLINE.

A Word about Giving

Please keep in mind that even if we have a disruption in our church schedule, our needs to minister to people, desire to support our ministry partners and missionaries, as well as expense of still operating our church, will continue. The Lord has always moved in the hearts of our people to be generous and to trust the Lord. We believe that will continue. We do now have safe and secure online giving for those that prefer to do so. You can give online here . Please do continue to help us do the ministry we are called to.

A Word about Anxiety

All the news and talk can quickly cause us to despair and lose our joy. Let’s, as always, turn to the Lord and find comfort in His Word and His love for us. A couple of days ago I wrote a devotion for our church family entitled, “We Are a People of Hope.” You can read it here .

Please be in touch with us in the days to come. Let us know your needs and how we can serve you.

Our schedule may need to look different in the days to come; our resolve to serve you well will not.

We love you, church family!

Pastor Michael

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