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Recommendation from the Finance & Capital Improvements Teams:

It is the recommendation of both the Finance and Capital Improvements Teams that we move forward with Phase 2 of Capital Improvements which includes:

  • Worship Center (sound, projectors, screens, drum cage, and choir loft)


  • Gym (new flooring - gym floor, stairwells, hallways, and classrooms; renovation of upstairs classrooms; painting)


  • Adult Wing Sunday School Classrooms (new classroom carpet; installing whiteboards); Offices (new carpet) 


  • Security cameras (7-8 cameras installed around the campus for security purposes).  


These projects will be paid for with money that has already been set aside in the Building Fund

(current balance = $834,728.76) at an approximate cost of $500,000.00.


Questions - please send them via email to

or attend the Q & A Meeting - Sunday, June 27 at 3:30pm in the Fellowship Center.

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Recommendation from the Finance Team:

It is the recommendation of the Finance Team to address the needs of the entire asphalt parking lots around our campus (crack fill, seal, stripe - new 2” overlay in the East Parking Lot and then seal and stripe).  


This will be paid for from the operating budget in which current giving has exceeded our budget year to date revenues by $143,296.38.  The approximate cost will be $151,000.00.

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2" overlay

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