Wedding Shower Wade Woodard & Jordan Bruce

Wedding Shower Wade Woodard & Jordan Bruce

Sat, May 21, 2016

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Soli Deo Gloria,

Jeff LeDuc
Associate Pastor
First Baptist Church of Mustang (405)376-4567

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Event Title
Wedding shower for Wade Woodard & Jordan Bruce &
Wedding Shower for Wade Woodard (Parents: Jeff & Karen Woodard) & Jordan Bruce.

Registered: Target, Anthropologie (@Classen Curve or online), Lowe's giftcards
This event is:
Start Time of Event
10:30 am
End Time of Event
12:00 am
Room(s) Requested
•Fellowship Center
Number Expected
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•Kitchen Access
How would you like the room setup? (i.e. Long tables, round tables, chairs in rows, how many of each)
one round table in northeast corner
1- 8 ft table angled from wall under tv towards fc closet
1- 8ft table west wall near west door
40 chairs (set up 4 rows of 10 with aisle down middle) facing east window
Please explain your kitchen needs:
fellowship center kitchen
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