VBS Workdays

VBS Workdays

Tue, May 30, 2017

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First : Kathy
Last : Brotherton
Phone: (405) 3764567-3764567
Email Address: kathy@fbcmustang.org Event Title: VBS Workdays
Event Description: Opportunity provided for VBS leaders to decorate and prepare for VBS. Building open during office hours only Tuesday-Friday.
This event is:: Multi Day
Start Date:
MM : 05
DD : 30
YYYY : 2017
Start Time of Event:
HH : 09
MM : 00
End Date:
MM : 06
DD : 02
YYYY : 2017
End Time of Event:
HH : 4
MM : 30
Room(s) Requested: Fellowship Center, Gym, Worship Center, Classroom(s)
Number of People Expected: 100
How would you like the room setup?: GYM: Please set up by 5/31 so they can begin to decorate on June 1st.
3 rows of 3-8 ft tables. Each row should have 3 tables back to back in direction of south-north. Please place tables about 5 ft from edge of kitchen counter and evenly spaced rows to allow room for children to comfortably scoot chairs for easy access to table. Please place chairs on both sides of the tables.

Youth Center: all chairs cleared (this is area for preschool recreation)

Children's Lobby: 1- 6 ft table to the right as you enter lobby area with 3 chairs
Check any of the below resources you are requesting:: None
Check any church vehicles you are requesting:: None
Are you requesting childcare at the church?: No
Check any advertising you're requesting:: None