Sunset (JOY Proj - Walcher) Therapeutic Riding Center Families

Sunset (JOY Proj - Walcher) Therapeutic Riding Center Families

Fri, December 20, 2013

Hi Debbie,
We’ll reserve the gym for your class’s project. When you get a better idea on the setup needed, please contact Kathy Hale in our church calendar to communicate those needs.

Kathy, please add to the adults calendar. Thanks!

Dustin Stottmann
Middle School Minister
First Baptist Mustang
(405) 376-4567

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Subject: Blue Sheet from Debbie Wilcox
Date: October 29, 2013 at 2:16:13 PM CDT

Your full name: Debbie Wilcox Date(s) of event: Friday Dec 20, 20134 Time of Event: 6:00 PM

Event title and description: Class Joy Project
Christmas dinner for Sunset Therapeutic Riding Center families

Organization: This is Walcher's Class Room(s) Needed: Gym Number expected:200?

Person in charge: Debbie & Cary Wilcox Phone 405-822-5423 E-mail

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Equipment needed: Kitchen

Specific sound equipment requirements: We hosted a Christmas Party last year for the Sunset Therapeutic Riding Center. It was an opportunity for us to reach many families. Our class member, Cathy Brownlow, has a granddaughter with MS who goes to Sunset. Cathy is also a volunteer at Sunset. This month Cathy was diagnosed with cancer & has spent the last 3 weeks at MD Anderson. We want to host their Christmas party again this year as a ministry to the families with special needs children, as well as an opportunity to show our love for Cathy since Sunset is so dear to her.
The gym is a perfect venue for this dinner. Many children use walkers which glide on the smooth floor and there is room to move freely. We provide an area with plenty of open space for their photographer to take family portraits, which can be very difficult for special needs children at traditional portrait studios.

Tables needed:

Chairs needed:

Special setup instructions: Will need the gym for the entire day for decorating and food prep. Will get back to you on number of tables as soon as Sunset provides a guest count.

Transportation needs: None

Childcare needs: None

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