Our Youth Sunday School classes meet every Sunday morning at  9:00 AM. We meet in the Youth Center, then our individual classes meet at their tables. Students meet in groups which are separated by grade and gender.  Each group has dedicated adult teachers.


LEAD Teams are made up of students who express leadership through a variety of roles in the Student Ministry.  Students apply and are selected for teams at the beginning of each school year. LEAD Team Meetings for leadership training, and ministry discussion are on Sundays at 6:30pm. Dates are sent directly to Lead Team members. 


Small Group Leaders - These are high school students, primarily upperclassmen, who lead a standing small group in discussion and prayer each Elevate worship service following the sermon.

Embrace - Students play a vital role in creating a welcoming and inviting environment.  The Embrace team acts as greeters and takes attendance.

Worship - The Worship team is made up of all students who are a part of the worship band and tech crew.  

Developing Leadership - This is for all other students who are active or potential leaders in the ministry.

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