Sole Hope Shoe Party

Sole Hope Shoe Party

Thu, April 28, 2016

setup update 4/25/2016

The fellowship center can be setup like Sunday School - they will have a short video in there and then eat and do the sole hope shoes in the youth center (see details below)


Andrea said I needed to get with you about our Sole Hope Party tables. We have about 30 confirmed and a few maybes!

I think we can put 3 people at a table with all the denim they will have to cut.

I’m not sure how many tables she requested for us but if we could get 11 or 12 round tables with 3 chairs each that would be great. If would be nice if we could have out 5 or so chairs just in case!

We also need one 6 0r 8 foot table for refreshments too.

There is a video to show before we cut. (in fellowship)

Can we do that in the fellowship center before we move to the youth center?
I’m sorry I have so many questions. I thought someone else was doing this part so I guess I dropped the ball on the details.


Karie Greenwood
Indian Education Title VI
Valley, Elementary, Creek and MEC

Here’s the scoop on Sole Hope shoe Cutting Party

Sole Hope International Shoe cutting party on Thurs., April 28, 6 pm.
Open to ladies High school and up, middle school girls welcome with an adult.
Cost is $10 per pair of shoes you cut out. Bring scissors that can cut fabric, all other supplies provided.
Sign up at the Ministry Connection Desk
Contact Karie Greenwood with questions,

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Andrea Beecroft (Karie Greenwood 650-6924 for info)
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Event Title
Sole Hope Shoe Party
I will get you info as soon as i get it.
The contact person for this event will be Karie Greenwood. Her phone number is: 650-6924
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06:00 pm
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09:00 pm
Room(s) Requested
•Fellowship Center
Number Expected
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•Baptist Messenger Cover
•Sign-Up Sheet at Ministry Connection
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How would you like the room setup? (i.e. Long tables, round tables, chairs in rows, how many of each)
Round tables with chairs

One 8 foot table at the front of the room Check any church vehicles you are requesting:
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