GROWTH Classes

GROWTH Classes

Sun, April 8, 2018


 Soli Deo Gloria,

 Jeff LeDuc

Executive Pastor

First Baptist Church of Mustang


 Beginforwarded message:



Subject:Form Entry [No Title] (10648773)

Date:January 17, 2018 at 7:45:16 AM CST


First : Jeff
Last : LeDuc

Phone: (405) 413-5450


EventTitle:  GROWTH Classes on Sunday evenings

EventDescription:  FBCM will be offering a number of differentGROWTH classes from April 8th-29th on Sunday evenings from 5p-6p. We will notoffer a traditional evening service on these four Sunday nights in April.

Thisevent is::  Recurring

MM : 4
DD : 8
YYYY : 2018

StartTime of Event:  
HH : 5
MM : 00

End Date: 
MM : 4
DD : 29
YYYY : 2018

End Timeof Event:  
HH : 6
MM : 00

Room(s)Requested:  Fellowship Center, The Brick, Youth Cafe,Youth Auditorium, Worship Center, Reception Room, Conference Room,Classroom(s), Other

If youneed classrooms, or other spaces, please list here:: Adult Wing 202-203; Choir Room; Room 144

Number ofPeople Expected:  150-200

How wouldyou like the room setup?:  Same set up as SS classset-up's; detailed set-up's to follow for non SS classrooms.

Check anyof the below resources you are requesting::   Audio/VisualCapabilities

Check anychurch vehicles you are requesting::  None

Are yourequesting childcare at the church?:  Yes

Check anyadvertising you're requesting::  Baptist Messenger Cover,Sign-Up Sheet at Ministry Connection



FBCM Seminars - April 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th - more info to follow

5:00 - 6:00 pm