Operation Christmas Child Packing Party

Operation Christmas Child Packing Party

Sun, November 13, 2016

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Event Title
Operation Christmas Child Packing Party
Operation Christmas Child Packing Party will be an opportunity for families to come and pack a shoe box with supplies provided. We will then pray over the shoe boxes and place them in Samaritan Purse Crates to prepare for shipping.
This is a great opportunity for families to be mission minded and help their children to learn to be a generous giver through packing a shoe box for a child.

Pizza will be provided.
This event is:
Start Time of Event
06:00 pm
End Time of Event
07:00 pm
Room(s) Requested
Number Expected
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•Baptist Messenger Cover
•Sign-Up Sheet at Ministry Connection Check any of the below resources you are requesting:
•Kitchen Access
How would you like the room setup? (i.e. Long tables, round tables, chairs in rows, how many of each)
south area near gym set up with long tables to seat about 125-150.

West wall-- 2 -8 ' tables set up perpendicular to wall, about 6 ft away from wall. We will place shoeboxes on these tables.

North wall-- 5- 8' tables perpendicular to wall to place items on- about 6-8 ft away from wall.

East wall ( near chair closet & rec closet )-- 3- 8 ' tables perpendicular to wall to place items on--
Please explain your kitchen needs:
Pizza will be purchased. pantry for paper products/ iced tea/ lemonaid
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Are you requesting childcare at the church?