Membership Matters

Membership Matters

Wed, January 14, 2015

Membership Matters

(sign up is at Ministry Connection)

From: Jeff LeDuc []
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2014 10:44 AM
To: Dustin Stottmann; Lisa Delong; Kathy Hale
Subject: Next Membership Matters Class for website

Dustin, Lisa, & Kathy,

I have the info for the next Membership Matters Class:

Membership Matters
Wednesday Nights - 1/14, 21, 28/2015
Fellowship Center
Led by Pastor Michael

(Yes, Michael said that he would like to lead one next year and those were the dates that worked best for him...just fyi)...

Dustin - Please add a banner and all the info under Growth Classes as well...
Lisa - Please do the sign up sheet and put it (with a placard - Audri may have the last one in her computer to edit) on the Event Center
Kathy - please add to the bulletin announcements and to the Messenger (I am not sure who is doing the Messenger while Brenda is out)...and add to the calendar as well...


Soli Deo Gloria,

Jeff LeDuc
Associate Pastor
First Baptist Church of Mustang