Membership Matters

Membership Matters

Sun, October 12, 2014

Membership Matters
For those interested in joining or finding out more about FBCM
Sundays at 5:00pm
Fellowship Center (updated 8/26/2014 kh)
9/28, 10/5, and 10/12
Sign up at Event Center

Brenda - will you please do a sign and sign-up sheet and put out at Event Center? Also - messenger next few weeks...

Dustin - website and calendar - reserve Conf Room
New Members Class info - banner and under adult info and Growth class

Kathy - bulletin next week and following few weeks

Audri - please put together another list from ACS and forms filled out by prospects for us to send info to them

Lisa - just FYI for you to know since you send letters out after they join - just wanted you on the loop

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