Kaylee Mangus Baby Shower

Kaylee Mangus Baby Shower

Sat, December 14, 2013

Kathy B.,
I’m so sorry. I just now realized that I hadn’t replied to this. It got buried during the holidays.

Kathy H., since you’re out today I’ll go ahead and add it to the calendar online.

Brenda, can you have this in the Messenger for next week?

Dustin Stottmann
Middle School Minister
First Baptist Mustang
(405) 376-4567

Begin forwarded message:

From: WordPress
Subject: Blue Sheet from Kathy Brotherton
Date: November 26, 2013 at 10:48:01 AM CST
To: dustin@fbcmustang.org

Your full name: Kathy Brotherton Date(s) of event: Dec. 14th Time of Event: 10:30

Event title and description: Kaylee Mangus Baby Shiower

Organization: Fbc Student Ministry Room(s) Needed: Fellowship center

Number expected:30-40

Person in charge: Rynda Curl Phone 214-500-3382 E-mail rynda_p@hotmail.com

Advertise in: Messenger

Equipment needed: Kitchen

Specific sound equipment requirements:

Tables needed: 8ft 2 Round 1

Chairs needed: 30

Special setup instructions: Standard shower set up
Round table in northeast corner by piano
1-8 ft table on west wall (same as Sunday am)
1-8ft table in southeast corner- angled by table closet

3 rows of 10 chairs each with a middle aisle

Transportation needs: None

Childcare needs: Nobe