Iron Sharpening Iron (Men's Breakfast)

Iron Sharpening Iron (Men's Breakfast)

Sat, October 25, 2014

Updated 9/19/2014

Please change the men's bfast from nov 1 to oct 25...we have Joe Washington coming to speak to our men that day...that was the date he could do so we have to change our date on the calendar...

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Dustin Stottmann
Middle School Minister
First Baptist Mustang
(405) 376-4567

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Your full name: Audri Edwards Date(s) of event: 11/01/2014 Time of Event: 6:00 am - Noon

Event title and description: Iron Sharpening Iron
Men's Breakfast

need round tables for 100

Organization: Men's Ministry Room(s) Needed: Gym Number expected:100

Person in charge: Jeff LeDuc Phone 376-4567 E-mail

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Chairs needed: 100

Special setup instructions: Round tables to sit 100

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Iron Sharpening Iron
Men's Breakfast
Saturday, Nov 1st @ 8:00am
We will meet in the gym for breakfast, fellowship, and the Word of God!
Sign up at Event Center

Please put in all of our publications and website...

I will also need a sign up sheet at the Event Center for this Sunday...

Soli Deo Gloria,

Jeff LeDuc
Associate Pastor
First Baptist Church of Mustang