Growth Seminars

Growth Seminars Are Back Starting January 5!

We will begin a new round of 4 week Growth Seminars on Sunday nights starting January 5 from 5-6 pm. A list of classes and sign-up sheets are available in the main foyer located outside of the Worship Center. Make plans now to attend one of these classes!

An Introduction to Biblical Counseling - Led by Jeff LeDuc - Worship Center

What is Biblical Counseling? Should counseling only be reserved for the “professionals”? What does it mean to biblically counsel each other in the church? How is Biblical counseling an effective outreach in the community? Come and learn what it means to counsel one another from the Word of God!

FAQs: Foster & Adoption Questions (and Answers!) - Led by Kevin & Brigitte Godin- Reception Room
Have you or a family member ever considered fostering or adopting a child? Does the process intimidate you? Are you interested in foster care and/or adoption but have no idea where to start? What is our biblical responsibility to orphans? What are the biggest challenges and obstacles, and what can be done to prepare for them?

Join us for the FAQs as we look at biblical answers and practical help as you consider how God might use you in the life of an orphan!!!

Ethics: Biblical, Bold, Benevolent - Led by Kent Jaggers- Youth Center

Join us as we look at hot topic ethical issues in our society from a biblical perspective. Learn how to take a firm stance on the issue while interacting in a positive way with a culture that has a foundationally different worldview and is hostile to our beliefs.

The Sermon on the Mount - Led by Joey Snodgrass- Adult Wing Room 202-203

The Sermon on the Mount is the greatest sermon that has ever been preached such that it caused even the unbelievers to be astonished by the authority that Jesus possessed. In studying this great sermon, we will see that as Jesus says things both difficult and comforting, our obedience to His words is for His glory and our ultimate good.

Prayer - Led by John Gatliff - The Brick

Join us as we take and in depth look at prayer. This is a subject one can spend a lifetime exploring and still only scratch the surface of all there is to learn.

Silas: The Forgotten Missionary - Led by Wayne Hendricks- Adult Wing Room 206

A look at a remarkable life and personal ministry of a first-century evangelist who tends to be neglected or overshadowed when the extraordinary second missionary trip of the Apostle Paul is being considered. A reminder of the reality that this was a missionary group effort in order to accomplish this unique journey of foreign evangelism.This is a series to help encourage the brethren towards personal evangelism, community outreach and involvement with our mission teams program.

Basic Crime Prevention - Led by Robbie Robertson- Conference Room

An outline for basic crime prevention- Financial crimes with emphasis on financial exploitation of the elderly.

Bible Skills (Elementary Kids) - Led by Kathy Brotherton

Why do we need to focus on Bible skills?While the majority of churchgoers desire to honor Christ with their lives and even profess to meditate on biblical truths, a LifeWay Research study found that only a handful of church attenders actually engage in personal reading and study of theScriptures. It is so important to teach our children to love to study and love the Bible.“God's Word is truth, so it should come as no surprise that reading and studying theBible are still the activities that have the most impact on growth in this attribute of spiritual maturity," You simply won't grow if you don't know God and spend time in God'sWord.”This class is for all elementary students who do not attend STOMP

Bible Fun (Preschool Kids)

Toddlers love to play, so incorporating imagination and excitement into fun Bible time helps little ones develop a desire to learn about God.This class is for all preschoolers and PreK students who do not attend TAPP