Greeters Lunch & Training

Greeters Lunch & Training

Sun, August 6, 2017


Soli Deo Gloria,

Jeff LeDuc
Executive Pastor First Baptist Church of Mustang
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Subject: Form Entry [No Title] (10393515)
Date: June 27, 2017 at 12:09:42 PM CDT

First : Kevin
Last : Godin
Phone: (405) 684-7321
Email Address:
Event Title: Greeters Lunch and Training
Event Description: I will host a luncheon for all greeters who will be serving in the Fall 2017. The luncheon will be followed by a short training.
This event is:: Single Day
Start Date:
MM : 8
DD : 6
YYYY : 2017
Start Time of Event:
HH : 12
MM : 00
End Date:
MM : 8
DD : 6
YYYY : 2017
End Time of Event:
HH : 1
MM : 30
Room(s) Requested: Gym, Classroom(s)
Number of People Expected: 35
How would you like the room setup?: for lunch, we will "piggyback" on the SS luncheon
for training, I can use any classroom with enough chairs (there are about 35 greeters, but I doubt all will be available on that Sunday)

NOTE ABOUT SIGN-UP SHEET: I would like to have 2 different sign-up for figuring out who all can come to the luncheon/training and another for new people interested in joining the greeters ministry. Thanks!
Check any of the below resources you are requesting:: None
Check any church vehicles you are requesting:: None
Are you requesting childcare at the church?: No
Check any advertising you're requesting:: Baptist Messenger Cover, Sign-Up Sheet at Ministry Connection