Father / Son Camp Out

Father / Son Camp Out

Fri, May 12, 2017


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First : Kevin
Last : Godin
Phone: (405) 684-7321
Email Address: kevin@fbcmustang.org
Event Title: Father/Son Campout
Event Description: Fathers and sons are invited to a campout where there will be fishing, a bonfire, and various activities. (Children need to be school-age or above.)
***No additional advertising is being requested. This is a request to use the gym as a backup in case the weather is bad that weekend.***
This event is:: Single Day
Start Date:
MM : 5
DD : 12
YYYY : 2017
Start Time of Event:
HH : 6
MM : 00
End Date:
MM : 5
DD : 13
YYYY : 2017
End Time of Event:
HH : 12
MM : 00
Room(s) Requested: Gym
Number of People Expected: 50
How would you like the room setup?: Empty. We are reserving the gym as a BACKUP PLAN only!!! If the weather is bad that night, we would like to have everyone come to the gym for a lock-in instead. If that winds up happening, we will need access to the kitchen to cook dinner on Friday and breakfast on Saturday.
Check any of the below resources you are requesting:: Kitchen Access
Check any church vehicles you are requesting:: None
Are you requesting childcare at the church?: No
Check any advertising you're requesting:: None

Father / Son Camp Out

Ken Carpenter's farm - SW 104th
Mustang, OK

Friday, May 12th & Saturday, May 13, 2017
6:00 pm - 12:00 noon

Kevin Godin