Door Greeter's Meeting

Door Greeter's Meeting

Sun, February 19, 2017

Adult Room #202-203 (location moved to not conflict with Nicaragua mtg)

date changed to February 19th, per Kevin Jan 12, 2017

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Kevin Godin
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Event Title
Ushers Meeting
We will have a meeting with all the ushers to discuss ways to improve guest services and fill-in-the-gaps for uncovered doors.
This event is:
Start Time of Event
04:00 pm
End Time of Event
05:00 pm
Room(s) Requested
•Fellowship Center
Number Expected
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•Baptist Messenger Cover
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I'd like to have 30 chairs set up in rows with a stand and stool up at the front.
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Are you requesting childcare at the church?

(Dec 7, 2016)
When you get a chance, could you run an announcement in the bulletin for a door greeter’s meeting? It’ll be January 15 from 4-5pm in the FC. The meeting will be for both current and new greeters, and we will discuss some new service possibilities as we seek to expand the greeters ministry. (NOTE!!! When I wrote Jeff to ask about the location and date for the meeting, I accidentally wrote that it would be an “usher’s” meeting. But that’s not the case! Is there a way to change that on Google Calendar to reflect a “greeter’s” meeting.)

Thank you!

Kevin Godin
Associate Pastor
First Baptist Church of Mustang
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