Bumgarner SS Fellowship

Bumgarner SS Fellowship

Sat, July 21, 2012

Hi Michelle,
We'll get this added to our calendar. That won't be a problem to block off part of the back parking lot. The best way to do that will be for you guys to just use some of your vehicles to block off a section. We also have some cones that you could use. We will have the playground unlocked. We have a grill that you can use. It uses 2 propane tanks, and I can't guarantee that they are full. So, if you use our grill, you should bring 2 propane tanks that you can hook up to it.

Please add this to the adults calendar. Thanks!

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Date: July 9, 2012 3:59:11 PM CDT
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Your full name: Michelle Pickett Date(s) of event: July 21, 20012 Time of Event: 5:30pm-8:30pm

Event title and description: Bumgarner SS fellowship

We are gathering our class for hamburgers and playing outside. We were hoping to block off a portion of the parking lot for kids to ride bikes. We are going to be playing wiffle ball out on the back lawn. Also wondering if we can have the children's playground unlocked?

Organization: Room(s) Needed: gym open for restroom use only Number expected:50

Person in charge: Michelle Pickett Phone 694-3210 E-mail jmbcdpickett@att.net

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Equipment needed: Kitchen

Specific sound equipment requirements: Kitchen for ice and jugs for water

Tables needed: 8ft 2

Chairs needed:

Special setup instructions: We are bringing our own lawnchairs. We will need two tables back in the very back (shaded area) for food set up. Also, is there a grill we can use? If not, we can bring our own.

Transportation needs:

Childcare needs: None

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