50th Anniv. McMahill, George & Linda

50th Anniv. McMahill, George & Linda

Sat, May 31, 2014

Kathy, please add this to the adults calendar. Thanks!

Dustin Stottmann
Middle School Minister
First Baptist Mustang
(405) 376-4567

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Subject: Blue Sheet from Lesley Otwell
Date: June 10, 2013 11:53:26 PM CDT
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Your full name: Lesley Otwell Date(s) of event: May 31, 2014 Time of Event: 2-4pm

Event title and description: 50th Anniversary for George and Linda McMahill

This will be a come and go celebration !

We will just need tables set up--we will take care of decorating, and cleaning up afterwards.

Organization: Room(s) Needed: FC Number expected:50-60

Person in charge: Lesley Otwell, Mic McMahill, Lisa Estell Phone 405-620-4916 E-mail otterfamilyx4@att.net

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Equipment needed: Kitchen

Specific sound equipment requirements:

Tables needed: 4ft 1 6ft 2 Round 1

Chairs needed: 60

Special setup instructions: 4ft set up outside north doors to fc for guestbook.

2 6ft set up for cake/punch, and a memorabilia table for their last awesome 50 years together!
1 round, for cards/gifts

Thats just an idea--will know more around Feb/March when we start crunching ideas to decorate.

Transportation needs:

Childcare needs:

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